So there you have it….

So there it is, 2013 season is almost done and dusted. What a crazy summer. We have had highs, lows and general Meh-shug-shoulders moments that mets fans know well. From years of torment from that other team, (Ha! 4 game sweep) from relentless injuries, we have had some bright sparks and the future still looks promising. Here’s my personal highs and lows of 2013.

The Highs

Harvey Days

Obviously you have to start with Matt Harvey, He’s a talented pitcher, he’s an All Star, he’s dashing, He’s not afraid to strip from The Body Issue! With perhaps the most exciting player the Mets have had for a long time, of course we have injuries. Matt has a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament and has decided to try and rehab it rather than having Tommy John surgery. Every met fan is hanging on Harvey being healthy, he has been amazing to watch this season and we all hope he’s back, on track and ready to go in 2014.

The All-Star Game

I personally thought having the ASG at Citi Field was awesome, It was great to see the run up to the festivities, and the excitement of the actual game where i stayed up all night and watched (and drank….eugh i drank and drank) but it was fantastic, i felt proud to be a Mets fan.

The 4 game sweep

Haha a 4 game subway series sweep. I don’t really need to elaborate on how great this is.

Mike Piazza Mets HOF

I’m tying this as i get ready for MLB.TV to load hoping that i’d at least get to see some of his induction live (although not looking likely) Piazza is one of my favourite Mets and its great to see him being honoured this way. Cooperstown should have a place for Mike Piazza. I’ve been listening on WFAN (i’ll come to those later) and what a ceremony it was!

My trip to Citi Field

This year i bought my girlfriend along for my annual trip across the pond to Citi Field, we had our photos taken with Mr Met (always too scared to when i was going solo) I finally found Shea’s home plate (truth be told I never looked before because i was always too eager to get inside) Anyway it was nice to share my experience with her, and she’s slowly learning the rules too. I look forward to many more games with her around.

And now for……

The Lows

As always, injuries injuries injuries!

David Wright our Captain, out for awhile, this sucked so much and was weird going to games and not seeing him on the field. Matt Harvey injured towards the end of the season, We all hope he’s better by spring training. John Neise injured but fortunately when on the field he has been alright.


Can anyone even remember what the opening day roster was? Daniel Murphy can…And for a good while he was about the only opening day player that was on the field. There has been a few strange choices of both position and bullpen players used, TCs abilities have been question by fans and media alike but he’s been given an extension and i hope he manages to help get a winning record at least!

So i guess we have more Meh things to, like what we are all used too. Like a losing record, like no play offs, like ever expensive tickets price increases. We have bullpen implosions, enough extra innings to make a weekends worth of ball games. We have Dice Ks first few horrid starts! We have Ike!

What we don’t have is WFAN, the Mets flagship station. I was gutted when i heard this before i got MLB.TV i relied on the Fan and its how i learnt the game. BOOOO to Yankees on WFAN!

We have some positives too Dillon Gee was great, Hefner was awesome. Daniel Murphy proved his worth and took over the leadership role while the captain was away. All in all 2013 was an OK season, we have had way worse, we have had way better. As always…There’s always next season.

Lets Go Mets.

1 win 3 losses…

So I went to Citi Field with the better half last week, while I had fun and got to see the ballpark again, it still sucks to see so many losses. I saw Wheeler throw some heat against the Braves, and Neise looked good the day after, was a tough loss.
What sucked was Dice-K, saw him pitch against the tigers, he let up five before going 3 scoreless but by then the damage was done.
I also got to see Harvey again (I saw him pitch towards the end of last year too) although he didnt get the W he’s still great to watch. It’s awful that he’s hurt. I really hope he’s back to his all star self next season.
All in all it was a great trip, I’m positive that things will be better next year.
Gotta believe!

Long time coming post.

I haven’t posted in forever. I turned into a lazy blogger.
Anyways as we all know the Mets are being the Mets, some good, some bad.
We all have to appreciate Harvey and how amazing he is. I love his persona, he’s really proving why we were all so excited about him. Zach Wheeler is doing as good as I expected. He’s a completely different pitcher to Harvey, and once he is fully developed he should be a shining part of the line up.

Where to begin with Ike Davis. I just don’t know. I can’t really work him out anymore. I hope he heats up but as the season goes along I just don’t know.

It’s a little over 3 weeks before I get to go to Citi Field. I’m excited to see these guys play. I’m hoping that by the time we get to see some games we will be around the 500. mark and reverse the post all star game tradition.
Lets Go Mets.

Opening Day

So rather than my usual rambling I thought I’d document my whole opening day viewing. I’ve been super pumped about today. My job got in the way so I’m having to watch on demand and avoided all social media so not to get any spoilers. Here’s what I witnessed, will be more of a play by play and apologies for typos. I’m writing on my phone as I watch. Lets Go Mets.

Very exciting, emotional and such great coverage on SNY. Although viewing is limited on MLB the parts shown were great. Rusty Love!!
Top of the 1st :

base hit, Sign confusion, Walk, all in all a pretty standard opening day first inning. Atmosphere looks immense. Bound to be a few butterflies. Hopefully Niese will feel calmer in the next inning.
Bottom of the 1st:

Cowgill Pop up, 7 line happy birthday song to Murphy. Pop up, Wright to first. Steals 2nd. Ike strike out.
No score so far. I’ve really missed baseball!
Top of the 2nd:

Nice painless inning.
Bottom of the 2nd:

Tejada 1 run triple!!! Niese RBI single!! Yup I’ve really missed baseball.
Top of the 3rd:

2 out hit, run scored. 1-2 Mets.
Bottom 3rd:

Wright base hit. 1st of many this season I’m sure.
Trash blowing everywhere with the wind from the shore. The wind that either makes you chilly or gives you sun burn depending on time of year.
David Wright second stolen base. Hello captain! RBI Marlon Byrd 1-3 Mets. Lucas Duda walks. John Buck RBI 1-4 mets!
Top of the 4th:

Nice outing by Niese. Interview with Shameless actress. For my readers from out of the UK, watch the original British Shameless, it’s awesome/better!
Bottom of the 4th:

Neise walks, More Cowgill, double. Pitcher change. Murphy RBI 1-5 happy birthday #28. Wright RBI 1-6 RBI Byrd 1-7.
Top of the 5th:

Doc looks good! Nice play from Wright.
Bottom of the 5th:

Niese single. Otherwise easy inning for Bass from Padres.
Top of the 6th:

Left my laptop and it was 2-7, not gonna leave my laptop for the rest of the game. John looks like he’s slightly tiring but as a long standing Mets fan the thought of the bullpen is giving me the fear. Time will tell.
Bottom of the 6th:

Dropkick Murphys playing loud! #imwith28 nearly a single but not quite.
Top of the 7th

Niese is the man! He had big boots to fill, and boy did he fill them, beyond my expectations. True talent. He knew he had the 7th in him.
This is where we all start to panic. Lets go Brandon Lyon.
7th inning stretch

It’s almost 1:00am I’m tempted to check out the score and sleep, but thoughts of Take Me Out To The Ball Game and Lazy Mary just get me pumped. It’s like I’m there, only I can drink more beer, if I had any! Never mind this game so far is the only buzz I need.
Bottom of the 7th:

Brad Brach is a mets fan. That’s cool but for the next 3 outs he’s a regular opposition.
Duda walks, Kirk pinch runs, bases loaded. #morecowgill Grandslam!!!! Get the fuck in! 2-11 welcome to the Mets Collin. That was awesome.
Murphy singles. I’m so glad I stayed up late to watch this.
David Wright walks, Ike strikes out.
Top of the 8th:

Atchison pitches. Bloomberg, 1.2.3 nice and easy.
Bottom of the 8th:

Fairly uneventful but it doesn’t matter. I’m too busy deciding if I want a new Murphy/Cowgill/Hernandez/Niese jersey. (I decided on all 3)
Top of the 9th:

Scott Rice MLB debut, opening day, nice one! Journeyman, like his story. Lets do this! He did it! 2-11!

This is the scrappy team we have heard about. Sure we have an opening day tradition to keep up, sure we are underdogs without the T shirts this year. BUT we aren’t bad, we have everything to prove, more now than ever. This is the beginning, and from what is to come and I for one have never felt so excited.
Ya gotta believe. Lets Go Mets 2013!

The Workhorse

It’s a sad day for Mets fans as we learn about Johan Santana and his re-torn shoulder. This could mean his time as a Met has come to an end. (And possibly his career too)
I loved getting the chance to see Johan pitch. He provided me with my first real time win at Citi Field. I loved watching him during the 2008 season and of course his No hitter last year.
He was a workhorse, gave it his all (with very little run support mostly) and was a gutsy and entertaining player.
I wish him well and a speedy recovery.

3rd base woes.

David Wright is out with an intercostal strain that was diagnosed while he was playing in the world baseball classic.
Justin Turner turned his ankle in yesterday’s game against the Marlins.
Lets hope these injuries are minor and both all set for opening day.
It’s only fitting for my well wishes to my favourite Met Daniel Murphy this St Patricks day too. Get well soon all! Pleeeeeeease!

Baseball’s back!

Oh Mets baseball, how I’ve missed you. Today’s game was fun.
Kirk leading off, Tejada HR to get us all pumped in the 1st.
Wheeler making his debut. He was nervous, he was pumped….he was…good! Two scoreless innings (while not perfect, but pretty damn admirable for a debut) he was fun to watch and I’m sure he will continue to be so in the future.
Another fun player to watch tonight was Collin Cowgill, a double and a very scrappy run scored. (Hashtag #morecowgill)
Mets win 3-5!!
Every year I get pumped for spring training, even this year, full of cold and having maybe 25 hours sleep throughout the week. I’m still as excitable as ever. There’s no Cy Young winner, no underdog Tees, there’s a captain, there’s pride, there’s rookies… There’s Mets baseball and ultimately that’s what I’ve missed since autumn.
Once again and for the first Grapefruit game of 2013. Lets Go Mets

Not today boss.

So the votes are in. Mike Piazza isn’t a first ballot Hall of Famer.
I guess it’s a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality happening here.
He’s never been mentioned on any list, never been a proven juicer. He’s tarnished by rumours that ruined his chance to be this years first ballot inductee.
This sucks!

Piazza please.

Hopefully in a few hours we will learn that Mike Piazza will be a hall of famer, with a spot in Cooperstown.
Being as I have no way of watching over here I’ll be listening to WFAN for updates.
Even though I never witnessed Piazza play, I value him so highly as a player. The infamous HR in 2001 still gives me chills every time I watch.
I have my fingers crossed!
Lets Go Mets, Lets Go Piazza!