The Fan

The Mets have parted ways with WFAN radio, or rather they have parted ways with the Mets in favour of the Yankees.

It is definitely an end of an era, WFAN has always been my go-to station whenever i’m in the mood to listen to anything other than music. It’s gonna be strange not hearing the “Lets Go Mets F.A.N” jingle anymore as the Mets move to their yet to be announced new home on the airwaves.

I was genuinely gutted to hear that the two companies had parted ways, My first few months of a Mets fan was reliant on listening to the FAN when i was too poor to afford MLB.TV, and even with the subscription I’ve still found that on occasion i’d rather listen to Howie Rose call the game, and rather than see Citi Field, I can “hear” it. From almost every last cheer or boo. Don’t get me wrong, I more often than not watch Keith, Ron and Gary, but even still I will miss the Mets on WFAN.

I’ll be happier once we know who will now be airing Mets games, and then its just a case of finding an app that lets me listen on my phone during my long nightshifts!

Metsblog have a link to the audio montage by WFAN, you can check it out here.

On a side note I recommend Put it in the Book  by Howie Rose, I’m currently reading it and it’s great.

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