Opening Day

So rather than my usual rambling I thought I’d document my whole opening day viewing. I’ve been super pumped about today. My job got in the way so I’m having to watch on demand and avoided all social media so not to get any spoilers. Here’s what I witnessed, will be more of a play by play and apologies for typos. I’m writing on my phone as I watch. Lets Go Mets.

Very exciting, emotional and such great coverage on SNY. Although viewing is limited on MLB the parts shown were great. Rusty Love!!
Top of the 1st :

base hit, Sign confusion, Walk, all in all a pretty standard opening day first inning. Atmosphere looks immense. Bound to be a few butterflies. Hopefully Niese will feel calmer in the next inning.
Bottom of the 1st:

Cowgill Pop up, 7 line happy birthday song to Murphy. Pop up, Wright to first. Steals 2nd. Ike strike out.
No score so far. I’ve really missed baseball!
Top of the 2nd:

Nice painless inning.
Bottom of the 2nd:

Tejada 1 run triple!!! Niese RBI single!! Yup I’ve really missed baseball.
Top of the 3rd:

2 out hit, run scored. 1-2 Mets.
Bottom 3rd:

Wright base hit. 1st of many this season I’m sure.
Trash blowing everywhere with the wind from the shore. The wind that either makes you chilly or gives you sun burn depending on time of year.
David Wright second stolen base. Hello captain! RBI Marlon Byrd 1-3 Mets. Lucas Duda walks. John Buck RBI 1-4 mets!
Top of the 4th:

Nice outing by Niese. Interview with Shameless actress. For my readers from out of the UK, watch the original British Shameless, it’s awesome/better!
Bottom of the 4th:

Neise walks, More Cowgill, double. Pitcher change. Murphy RBI 1-5 happy birthday #28. Wright RBI 1-6 RBI Byrd 1-7.
Top of the 5th:

Doc looks good! Nice play from Wright.
Bottom of the 5th:

Niese single. Otherwise easy inning for Bass from Padres.
Top of the 6th:

Left my laptop and it was 2-7, not gonna leave my laptop for the rest of the game. John looks like he’s slightly tiring but as a long standing Mets fan the thought of the bullpen is giving me the fear. Time will tell.
Bottom of the 6th:

Dropkick Murphys playing loud! #imwith28 nearly a single but not quite.
Top of the 7th

Niese is the man! He had big boots to fill, and boy did he fill them, beyond my expectations. True talent. He knew he had the 7th in him.
This is where we all start to panic. Lets go Brandon Lyon.
7th inning stretch

It’s almost 1:00am I’m tempted to check out the score and sleep, but thoughts of Take Me Out To The Ball Game and Lazy Mary just get me pumped. It’s like I’m there, only I can drink more beer, if I had any! Never mind this game so far is the only buzz I need.
Bottom of the 7th:

Brad Brach is a mets fan. That’s cool but for the next 3 outs he’s a regular opposition.
Duda walks, Kirk pinch runs, bases loaded. #morecowgill Grandslam!!!! Get the fuck in! 2-11 welcome to the Mets Collin. That was awesome.
Murphy singles. I’m so glad I stayed up late to watch this.
David Wright walks, Ike strikes out.
Top of the 8th:

Atchison pitches. Bloomberg, 1.2.3 nice and easy.
Bottom of the 8th:

Fairly uneventful but it doesn’t matter. I’m too busy deciding if I want a new Murphy/Cowgill/Hernandez/Niese jersey. (I decided on all 3)
Top of the 9th:

Scott Rice MLB debut, opening day, nice one! Journeyman, like his story. Lets do this! He did it! 2-11!

This is the scrappy team we have heard about. Sure we have an opening day tradition to keep up, sure we are underdogs without the T shirts this year. BUT we aren’t bad, we have everything to prove, more now than ever. This is the beginning, and from what is to come and I for one have never felt so excited.
Ya gotta believe. Lets Go Mets 2013!


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