Baseball’s back!

Oh Mets baseball, how I’ve missed you. Today’s game was fun.
Kirk leading off, Tejada HR to get us all pumped in the 1st.
Wheeler making his debut. He was nervous, he was pumped….he was…good! Two scoreless innings (while not perfect, but pretty damn admirable for a debut) he was fun to watch and I’m sure he will continue to be so in the future.
Another fun player to watch tonight was Collin Cowgill, a double and a very scrappy run scored. (Hashtag #morecowgill)
Mets win 3-5!!
Every year I get pumped for spring training, even this year, full of cold and having maybe 25 hours sleep throughout the week. I’m still as excitable as ever. There’s no Cy Young winner, no underdog Tees, there’s a captain, there’s pride, there’s rookies… There’s Mets baseball and ultimately that’s what I’ve missed since autumn.
Once again and for the first Grapefruit game of 2013. Lets Go Mets


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