I’m very saddened to see R.A leave the mets, although the reported deal does seem very good. (Here’s hoping)
R.A, the 2012 Cy Young winner, the charitable, the inspiring, the brave and the (former) Met. What an impact this man has made over the past few years.
I’ll still look forward to watching him take the mound and throw his knuckler whatever team he plays for.
Thanks R.A Dickey. An utter gent.


2 thoughts on “R.A.Dickulous

  1. Finally found another Brit who loves the Mets!

    As much as I loved RAD, I’d be amazed if he gets anywhere near his performance from last season ever again. He has one, two at most decent seasons so I’m glad we’ve got two great prospects while we could. Especially a future starter as well as a tough catcher.

    Keep the faith.

    Lets go Mets!

    • I agree, I love the fact that we have two great prospects, and I also agree that Dickey isn’t gonna be a Cy Young candidate in a few years time. It was a great deal. Looking forward to the season. 🙂
      Yay for Brit Mets fans!

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