So tonight was my first game in actual attendance this season. Let me take time to point my findings (even though you found them in April)
Firstly, wow! That party deck and fence moving has made quite a difference to the feel of the size of the park, it’s just a pity the Mets haven’t capitalised on it as much as one would hope.
Secondly the Kid8 stuff dotted around is a very sweet gesture.
Thirdly, the Pizza tasted kinda strange, not bad strange…just different.
Anyway something that isn’t different is….The Mets themselves!
Ok so they aren’t as bad as like 2009, but they aren’t heads and shoulders above either. There’s things to cheer about but a lot to be concerned about too. It’s never easy being a mets fan is it!?!
What did move me tonight was the National Anthem, sung by a real sweet guy with a learning disability (that’s the term we use here, not sure if it’s PC or not)
Anyway it actually moved me to tears, it was such a fantastic gesture and made me feel super positive in my own life, and choices….that and also I met a nice life timer Mets fan in the smoking area not 5 minutes before who took the time to commend me on my profession (a carer for adults with autism and other disabilities)
Even with quite an ugly loss, I had such an awesome night. I love being reminded of why I love baseball and why I love NY. (and ultimately even if heart breaking…why I love this team, and not “the other one from the Bronx”)
Let’s go Mets!


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