Train journey rambling.

As it pisses it down across the UK, and we are faced with the possibility of a none existent summer, I’ve been craving baseball more than usual. I need the humidity but windy gusts of Citi Field, where the breeze from the water is so strong that it can blow your cap off even in the summer months.
Only 6 more weeks to go until I get my baseball fix.
In the beginning of summer I got to visit Autozone Park, home of the Memphis Redbirds, it’s a nice park to visit, but much like here and now, the rain was pounding so I only got to see a couple of innings. Not that I was too worried, where I can watch any team play, I’ll always be loyal to the orange and blue.
Last night the Mets took the rubber game from the Phils. That’s always nice to watch. Despite Bullpen woes as always, I’m happy with the Mets right now. It’s an absolute travesty thy David Wright didn’t get the recognition he deserves for the All Star game, but glad that R.A will be representing.
The mets take on the cubs tonight. A few more wins would be just the job!


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