Maybe it’s Parnell Time

Today’s loss was brutal. Once again a save was blown, the bullpen struggled and our closer was a joke. It didn’t help with a tiny strike zone the size of a stamp but still…
Niese wasn’t perfect today but he got by, and Turners AB was glorious. It’s a shame that the game ended like it did. But it true Mets bullpen fashion it ended with a gut wrenching grand slam. I had my fingers crossed for extra innings but alas it didn’t happen.
I have my doubts (who wouldn’t) of Frankie being our closer, at least for the time being. And although Bobby Parnell makes my ulcer hurt at times, I think he’s come a long way since his starting pitcher 2009 days. I think he’s worth a try, I may eat my words but with 9th innings like today’s why not. Raunch could be an idea too. Something needs to happen. I like this team too much to see their work become meaningless.


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