Opening day

The beginning of the season is finally here, and as if on purpose, my 5 days off ends today meaning I’ll completely miss the game. I’ll keep a check of the score but watch tomorrow evening.
This season will be a long and emotional. Because anything can happen I can’t really make my predictions, but only say my (realistic) hopes.
• I hope Lucas Duda keeps his home run scoring up, and hopefully the new dimensions will hell him as well as Wright, Davis and Bay.
• I hope Murphy has a full season and finds his feet with his position.
• I hope Torres has a healthy and positive season, I liked Pagan mainly because of his character and cream pie shenanigans, I kinda hope Torres can fill his shoes.
• Of course I hope that in Johan we trust!
• I hope Thole (and Nickeas) can rise to the catcher challenges.
• I hope R.A Dickey continues to prove that he’s a pitcher with charm, intellect and talent.
• I hope that Tejada has a great year at SS.
• Most of all I hope that with a bit of help from starting pitching and the pen we can prove all the naysayers wrong and actually compete with a team of youthful and energetic players!
Let’s Go Mets 2012!


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