ST Mets vs STL

Not gonna lie, I missed Johan pitch, but have seen the recaps. Everyone wanted to see him back to 100% straight away, in reality that doesn’t happen, but he threw two scoreless innings. Good in my book. The test will come with time.

Today’s televised game was fun. Torres got a nice 3 run triple…. And cue all the “who needs Reyes tweets” of course 90% of those where in jest.
Dickey looked good, Loewen I like a lot so far.
At first Familia looked promising and then it all went a little bit wrong…. Oh the roller coaster of spring training games.
Broken bat….badly fielded 2 runs scored was a welcome surprise, as was the RBI double from Darrell Ceciliani, Josh Edgin closed things out and got the save.
Entertaining game. Welcome back Johan!


4 thoughts on “ST Mets vs STL

  1. I saw the game and Johan looked pretty good….Kerel Cooper from the Mets blog “On the Black” and I talked about it on one of my podcasts this week….click my name and have a look if you wish.

    Reyes who? Cedeno did a decent job during that game….

    Have a great weekend!


    • I agree, so far these games have been a real boost. I can’t wait for opening day!
      Yesterday’s loss was unfortunate but still an entertaining game. It’s hard to follower the minor leaguers here in the UK, so seeing new players is always fun.
      I’ll definitely check out your podcast 🙂

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