Is it April yet?

I can’t muster up any enthusiasm this off season. A few departures and a few arrivals as usual.
Jose is a Marlin, we knew it was gonna happen…. Even if we didn’t want to believe it at the time.
Pagan is no longer a Met, even though he was a bit rubbish last year, he was a 2010 fave of mine. I blame his diminishing skills on his beard growth!
I’m excited for Andrea Torres in a Mets uniform. I know he isn’t a particularly remarkable player, but he’s a nice addition and appears to be a nice chap.
Other than the usual money/wilpons sagas and debates there’s nothing to get me pumped. Is it me or is this off season just terrible!?


4 thoughts on “Is it April yet?

  1. Hey,

    I feel the same way about the Mets…..but thanks to the internet I get to talk with lots of different fans from different teams so I’m pumped about the upcoming season….

    I would love to have you come on my program and talk Mets baseball….maybe to Mets fans living in Europe can pump up the volume a bit šŸ™‚


  2. Nothing wrong with beards. Ike rocked one well.

    And speaking about Ike, I’m excited about next season. Tons of storylines to look forward to:
    -DWright’s bombs due to the new walls
    -Injured players back – Murph, Ike, Johan, Mejia (Bay?)
    -Youngsters devloping, i mean Thole and Duda will rake this year right

    so don’t let the winter, blink and you missed the sun being out, days get you down. they’ve got the teamwork, to make the dream work.

    • I like the teamwork to make the dream work comment šŸ™‚
      I’am excited to see how Duda, Davis, and Murph (imwith28!) work out this season. It’s hard to not get frustrated with the front office, but as far as the team goes I’m happy with the young guns. šŸ™‚

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