So there it was… The 2011 Season.

2011 was a funny old year for the Mets, and i’m sad to see the season end.

Yes we had a worse record than last year, yes our bullpen wasn’t fabulous, Yes Jason Bay had a temperamental bat, Yes we had a hat crisis, Yes Daniel Murphy & Ike davis got hurt, and worse of all we don’t know the fate of Reyes (please stay)

Yet after everything, i really enjoyed watching this team, I loved seeing Lucas Duda, Justin Turner, Dillon Gee, and Tejada come into their own.  I enjoyed see R.A Dickey pitch well, even if he didn’t get the wins he deserved.

The 4 games i got to see in person amazed me, the team looked so different, if they played that well every game then this blog post would have not been writing until the end of October.  Alas that’s not happening.

Here’s to a happy off season. Lets Go Mets!



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