Ceremony (and hats)

Yesterday was an emotional day. Its pretty hard not to be moved on Sept 11th on any given year, no matter where you are in the world, no matter what you are doing. There’s always a point where it crosses your mind for a few seconds, hours or in cases longer. It’s a day to remember the innocent and the brave, and to give thanks to all that have & continue to help rebuild the city.

I watched, and cried at the video of the Mets memorial ceremony a few times today. It was as a touching and intense affair that was respectful and moving.

As most people will know, there was a twitter hashtag trend about the Mets being banned from wearing the hats referring to teams of different NY first responders. I joined in a few #wearthehats tweets myself. It felt strange how MLB wasn’t willing to waive the rules for one night. A night that should be about remembrance and pride. Alas rules are rules to MLB and by the sounds of it, they didn’t want to let the Mets do it again. Maybe Bud was still pissed that they did it the first time, and tried to exude authority . RA Dickey has already tweeted that they all wanted too wear NYPD/FDNY/PAPD hats, and that Wright was wearing his in the dugout until it was taken from him. Hats being confiscated like being at school. It was an insensitive and generally stupid move by MLB that appeared at first money motivated. I don’t plan on buying merch for awhile thats for sure.

Nevertheless the memorial made up for any lack of different hats. Before the game started (UK time zones and all) i lay awake thinking and unable to sleep due to a hectic shift. I thought about how i wish sporting events were like ones i have witnessed in the states (OK so i have only been to Mets games but still..)

I love how the national anthem is sung before every game. I love how Vets are recognised and applauded. This is something we lack in the UK. It does happen but not often enough. It might be a mixture of the “stiff upper lip” mentality that we all have or how we don’t like to show too much emotion. Still i think it would be a good thing for UK sports, and much better than a day off because a couple of rich people got married (as nice as it was)

I’m sure i will watch the ceremony again. Just seeing Piazza catch the first pitch from Franco gave me chills, even if i wasn’t a Mets fan 10 years ago i have still seen all the clips, seen Mikes HR that moved Shea Stadium.

Watching the team with the Kids from Tuesday’s Children was also heartwarming and heartbreaking combined.

I guess i’ll always remember watching this ceremony even if it is just via the net.


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