Keep Calm and Carry On

So the Mets roller-coaster has started. The problems at the moment seem minimal (i hope) and at some points even predictable (cough temperamental Pelfrey/Parnell cough)

After a strong start on the road, well by strong i mean compared to 2010….there’s definitely been some some home ground hiccups.

With that said there’s been some great things happening. Chris young with a few hits and some great innings. Generally the bats have been good, but occasionally turn awful when desperately needed. It seems like the “I believe in comebacks” have started to apply so early in the season.

It’s early so no need to freak out. Questions will get answered, players will return and the Mets fate will be decided soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. I just found your blog, and I’ll definitely be checking back in.

    I’m actually an O’s fan, but I’ve always kind of liked the Mets. This year, though, I’m mostly against the Phillies and the Red Sox. Nothing against those teams in particular, I just dislike any team that’s anointed as the next great thing before the season starts.

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