Sports Fans

I’ve been a sports fan since i was a child. I appreciate most sports. I love the idea of tactics, camaraderie, skill and friendly rivalry.

My Dad has Sky Sports on the TV every time he is home and used to take me to see Nottingham Forest Football Club play every home game throughout my childhood. He is every bit my sport fan influence to this day. My Mother also gets up at stupid’oclock to watch the Ashes & Formula 1 so i guess its in my genes.

As I enter my 30’s (stuck in a predominantly female staffed work place) explaining my love of sport, Particularly the Mets is a regular occurrence. I’m mostly met by confusion and some admiration. Especially when I tell that i travel to New York every year mainly to go to the Mets games, and how personally its the strongest way for me to take time out from my demanding job.

Being a female sports fan was harder years ago when i was a teen, where it was mainly assumed that women watched because of crushes on team members or liking men in shorts. Obviously this has never been the case for me. I have managed to get swept off my feet by the game rather than its players. I love how sports fans come from all walks of life, whether their old, young, rich, poor, male or female, you get the picture. I love how a major sporting event can great a community. Heck I just love sport. I love the Mets.

I originally wanted to write a piece for my other blog focussing on female sports fans, and their personal highs and lows but i thought being as i got help by a fellow Mets fan it would sit nicely here, and give props to another great Mets Blogger.

So a massive thanks to Carleigh for these words on her experiences (and sorry that its been a long time coming)

“I’ve been a Mets fan for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always taken an interest in sports.  I don’t think it was ever given a second thought by my family and friends.

That said, I’ve encountered several guys with whom I’ve had discussions about sports with the presumptuous attitude that because I’m a girl, they automatically know more than me.  That gets frustrating.  Once they realize I know what I’m talking about, it’s almost like they are impressed that I know so much “for a girl”.    It’s almost as if I never know if I’m really being taken seriously either way because I’m a woman.  It’s like, I don’t assume a man knows a lot about sports because he’s a man, so why do men assume that I don’t know much about sports because I’m a girl?  If I had to pick the biggest negative, that would be it.

A lot of it has been positive though.  I started a blog this year called “Lost in Saint Louis” ( with my musings about the Mets from a transplanted fan’s perspective.  It was always a goal of mine to write about the Mets. The coolest thing about starting the blog and getting on Twitter is finding so many wonderful, empowered women, who are also Mets fans, also writing about the Mets and presenting fantastic information, photos, etc.  I’m my own person, but my goal now is to bring that kind of quality product on my own site, have a Mets-centric blog that people want to read.  10 years ago there were a few Mets blogs, but now there are hundreds, maybe thousands, and some of the best are either written solely by women or have women contributing.  As a woman who’s also a sports fan, it’s been neat to see how far many women have come via sports industry/social media/etc in 10 years.  Hoping even more progress is made in the next 10.”

Carleigh – www.


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