A new year… A new season.

2011 is here and there’s a whole new managerial side to the Mets. I’m not sure how inspired I am by everything yet, especially with no exciting moves and being bound by heavy money contracts and the like.

To keep myself sane i have made some predictions that are based on no statistical or rational basis at all, and built on pure hope. Here it goes!

* 2011 will be the no hitter year, i’m not sure by what starter and which opposing team but it WILL happen.

* Angel Pagan will continue to impress as will Ike Davis, RA Dickey and Josh Thole.

* Terry Collins & Sandy Alderson will excel in their roles and all other staff will follow suit.

* The Mets will not fear the Phillies despite their elite pitchers.

* I can’t even think of the fate of Ollie Perez right now!

* The Mets will be over .500 comfortably.

* Johan will be his dominant ace self and completely healthy.

OK so some points are unrealistic but a girl can dream right!

I have booked my trip during August for the Braves & Padres games, should be fun if anything.

Lets Go Mets 2011.


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