This post has been held off until i felt less exhausted…. by the Mets!

I returned over a week ago from New York and have finally caught up with sleep and now just have to deal with the disappointment of the season being over. The bright side is the buzz of the soon to be new GM and manager. There’s some good possibilities being thrown around.

Anywoo my visit to Citi Field for the last two home games were fun, i got to see my 2nd ever Mets win, making me 2-5 and a epic extra inning loss on the last game….. Ala Perez style.

It was still great fun, i booked cheap as chips seats but never sat in them, and mostly stayed around Shea Bridge (close to the smoking area, which was much needed in the last game) I found this area to be an interesting place, it was a place where us nicotine fueled fans/lepers interacted with each other, the general topic was “Wow you’re from England, and you’re a Mets fan? Why?” half sarcastically half through admiration (which is nice) As i dished out my duty free British cigarettes  to the masses on a beautiful day that only could have been aided by a few more hours sleep and a win.

I’m quite superstitious, so much that it has determined my food choice at games. Since the beginning i have got peanuts to snack on, but every game that i did buy some the Mets lost, so i changed to crackajacks, and got a win, its safe to say i will be buying those again!

Anyway, I won’t be back in New York until 2011, I’m still debating whether it would be best just for me to take one long trip here instead of the twice a year jolly. Either way I can’t wait to go to Citi Field!

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