After the performance of late…..

I seriously wonder whether i want to fly over the Atlantic purely to see a team play so meagerly. I have tickets for the two games of the season. I love the Mets win or lose, but i hate it when they appear to not even try. If they have no heart or faith, why should I?

Now i know i’m being over dramatic, and my love for the Mets will make me go to the last game no matter how they stand in the tables, but its not even funny anymore. I get the whole no trade thing (frustrating but eh) I get that Mike Pelfrey couldn’t be a stud forever, I get that Bay is struggling. What i don’t get is quitters! Not when you get paid millions to do a job, especially when i know that they aren’t living up to their potential.

I hate this blame Beltran thing. Its stupid and scapegoating. Ever company has somebody that changes the work force, its only the great organisations that don’t let it affect so much. Never the less, i don’t buy into the whole blame Carlos thing anyway. If anybody is hurting the team its people like Perez and with so much talent as the team has it should in affect be a minimal impact.

There’s been talks of a boycott of Citi Field. If i was a New Yorker i’d gladly be involved (more because i love a peaceful protest) whether it would sink or swim i don’t know. See more here and here

Technically as far as i’m concerned its not over until the fat lady sings (which i hope will be me singing with joy at Citi Field at the last game of the regular season, knowing that baseball isn’t over for Mets fans)

Everything else just remains to be seen. If the Mets show me their hearts, talent and determination then i will show my confidence.  I fricking hate being under .500

Rant over.


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