All hands on the bad one.

Oliver Perez is clearly getting on peoples nerves now. I really wish he would just man up and get sent to triple A for awhile. He had some decent starts earlier, if he just worked on it then he could become a decent player again.

I seriously wonder about him sometimes. His head just doesn’t seem to be where it should.

I’m sure it Boras that has some kind of influence over the decision but even still, he’s hurting the team and his career. If he continues to be stubborn and not giving a crap about anybodies best interest then i agree with the two anonymous players who are seemingly up for giving him the boot. (although i’m almost positive that their quotes have been dramatized for effect)

Whatever the excuses are, our patience is wearing thin, it took a lot of fans a lot to overlook the turning up out of shape/mysterious dodgy knee/general nutcaseness he’s certainly not doing anybody any favours now.

I was listening to Sleater Kinney and this song title just seemed fitting.


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