Reasons to be cheerful.

This time last week the Mets were hanging around in last place… Oh what a joyful week it has been as the team go up a few notches in the standings by sweeping main rivals Phillies and winning the Subway Series.

Its about time Mets fans have something to smile about, and I’m sure Jerry Manual will be breathing a discreet sigh of relief as for now his job looks safe.

Pitching has been phenomenal over the past few days, shutting out the Phils in all 3 games. Especially as only Santana and Pelf are the 2 only original opening day starters. Valdes, Dickey and Takahashi deserve big props.

Perhaps what i have loved most about this past week is seeing Reyes spring to life which seems to have had a impact on the whole team.

I’m not even going to bother looking on the Mets Forum for a day or so, I’m sure it will be full of trolls disgruntled Phils fans whining about stolen signs. For now i will be enjoying such a wonderful week of baseball and crossing my fingers that we can finally take some of the momentum on the road and get some wins in Milwaukee.

Lets Go Mets!


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