Put it in the books!

Mets win the Subway Series! Not a dropped pop up in sight!
Takehashi was pretty great with his first major league start. No complaints here. CC – Johan duel last night was awesome (although i have to admit i haven’t watched whole games cos i was working nights the whole weekend.)
Jason Bay has come alive, two homers in a game…. what’s not to love! David Wright getting his groove back and K-Rod and Mejia induced stomach ulcers! All in all a great start.
Hopefully the momentum won’t die on the off day and they managed to get a few knuckle ball Ks to the Phillies.
Lets Go Mets!


14 thoughts on “Put it in the books!

  1. Watched it live last night, but muted joe Morgan and friends in favour of howie rose! Awesome series win. Bay finally looked like the old school 30 blaster from the red sox days. If reyes really heats up over the next few days too, we are a serious threat to any team

  2. I agree. It’s so great to see Bay spring back to life.
    I really hope Jose heats up, and if Frenchy can get back on form that would be a bonus.
    Do you have a blog? There’s some cracking ones around. šŸ™‚

  3. I found this one by typing in mets fans in the uk, I thought I may be the only one!!! After reading yours I’m inspired to start my own soon. Might start after tonight game

  4. Thanks! If you decide to do one then i will certainly link it on my page and spread the word.
    Big game tonight. I’m hoping Dickey can get it done.
    You must be a hardcore fan to stay up so late, i usually manage to stay awake for the first few innings then fall asleep so have to rewatch the game in the morning!

  5. I’ve always had weird sleep patterns so it’s handy for watching games. Dickey was pretty good. He got hit with a vicious comebacker, but when on a fair while after it. Valdes looked good again too. Who’d have though we’d get a streak goin with two against the Yankees and one against the phillies!!!

  6. Well we managed another last night. Here’s to pelf and the sweep tonight. My first blog should be ready to go tomorrow! Will send the link when it’s done!!!

    • Awesome! I shall spread the word (Twitter is a powerful blogging tool) I’m going to really try hard to stay awake and hopefully witness the Mets sweep the Philthies. Fingers crossed!!!

  7. Yeh I know, walkoffs are always a pain. We just never really got going with the bat. Hopefully nieve will do well tonight

  8. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how he does – I cant decide whether i’d have preferred them to give Valdes another chance than give Nieve his first go

  9. Looks like your doubts were justified! Nieve blew it. Last night was awesome though. Dickey is far from an ace but its just nice to see a gutsy player that actually seems to care about winning…..take note OP!

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