My Weekend!

What an exciting time i’ve had over the past few days. I’m back in England now and feel hideous. I keep thinking it was this morning that i was in NYC when in fact it was yesterday. I’m all over the place!

I’m so pleased that i got to see the Mets win, and that i witnessed Johan in all his glory. Sunday’s game was so much fun despite Perez stinking.

My seat was fantastic and worth every penny it was great to be so close.

I met up briefly with Caryn aka Metsgrrl who was lovely and made me feel very welcome.

The wind was shocking, being from Britain i’m used to horrible weather, but seriously have i have never felt anything like it.

Still it provided a perfect reason to splash out on warmer Mets gear.

Besides baseball i went to my friends restaurant and also had a few drinks in House Of Brews. No trip to NYC would be complete without buying crap for family so that took up a huge chunk up of time and money too.

Can’t wait until next time!


8 thoughts on “My Weekend!

  1. Looks like I went out as u came back, I was at the perez/lincecum game and the three game series with the nationals!!

    • Despite of everything i really enjoyed the Perez/Lincecum game. The games i went to last season were awful so it was nice to see a change. (Alas not in Ollie) At least you got one win over the nationals. Always great to hear from other UK Mets fans 🙂

    • Me too! I got tickets for the last two games of the regular season. (I’m still optimistic about a possible post season for the Mets) Just need to save for a hotel and flight now!

  2. I’m tempted for the last few games, but I can’t decide between that and the phils series on my birthday. So many decisions!!!

  3. I do quite like going to a Mets vs Phillies game, only been to one but the atmosphere was great and that was last year and the Mets got a thrashing! (Bobby Parnell started…Nuff said)

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