A few things…

Firstly, i like ike! I feel like i’m almost being a traitor against my beloved Daniel Murphy but i can’t help it. He’s a vast improvement over Jacobs who to be fair probably shouldn’t have been called up to start in the first place. I always preferred Carter.

I wasn’t expecting Davis to be here so soon, but if it provides the kick start that we need and he seems to thrive then so be it.

Secondly i seem to be in love with Mike Pelfrey! He just seems so much more confident on the mound. He appears to be on a mission when he pitches. I heart MP.

Also yesterday’s rumours about a player suspension was a mix of being disturbing to comical, so many fans/journos/idiots were ready to throw a Met (any met, none in particular) under the bus. As far as i’m aware it began with a rumour that was embellished by a caller on wfan (correct me if i’m wrong, not totally sure)

Either way it turned out to be Reds pitcher Edinson Volquez who will serve his 50 day suspension while on the DL (what!!) I know he will lose pay but it still seems strange. Nether the less it still blows for Reds fans.

Igarashi will be getting an MRI today after his injury. He has been pretty impressive so far and i wish him a speedy recovery.

On a lighter note seeing Frenchy cream pie Ike in the mush made me like him just that little bit more. He has such spirit to the mets and its great to see the team joking around and having fun.

I hope Ollie can have an equally as great game tonight. Lets Go Mets.


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