Last nights epic game!

I tried my hardest to stay awake, i really did… but at 1.30am i dozed off and ultimately missed out on the Mets win.
Johan looked good, even with his velocity being down he still managed to get plenty of Ks.
Alex Cora provided catch of the day when he leaped in the stands to keep the monstrous game going. Impressive!
Not so inspiring was the Mets offense, they were as sleepy with the bat as i was watching. I still believe they will wake up soon enough though.
It was a fun game to watch despite the frustration and seeing Mike Pelfrey close was great (i had to watch the recap when i woke up)
A much needed result and i’m sure Omar will be happy now he has that 1 win he so enthusiastically predicted (sarcasm)

In other news i went grocery shopping with my family today and seen a chap head to toe in Red Sox gear, sporting our very own 44 Bay shirt. I was going to approach him to have a chat as baseball fans are a rarity in these parts, but he looked pretty scary and probably not too pleased with the Boston loss last night. Oh well.


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