Really? Seriously!

So as the week comes to an end, so does my general positivity.
Being 2-4 and in the basement after getting roughed up by the Nats is a bitter disapointment to say the least. They owned us. There really is no other way to discribe it.

Saturday was hideous, the only perks was seeing Jose back at Citi Field and some good hitting from Ollie Perez. His pitching was neither here nor there, but could have been a lot worse. Offense was a problem, no real clutch hitting with the bases loaded and 0 outs resulting in 0 runs.
Today Johan, our one saving grace, our studly ace… gave up a grand slam in the first and Mets offense couldn’t match the score.
I stopped watching right after Jacobs 2 run homer (better late than never) so i missed K-Rod drill Harris, although i just watched back on the replay. While violence never solves anything this is the most heart, grit and balls out of the whole week… besides Harris is a douche.

It has to be noted that this week has had a few strong points. Frenchy, Barajas and the bullpen has been pretty solid.
I’m trying not to over think things too much but its hard to be full of optimisim after the last few years.
Time will tell.

Also i appologise for any typos as i’m rushing this post 🙂


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