Opening Day

I love opening day. I have only witnessed two via MLB.TV but i was still really excited. Thankfully a few nice Mets plays and A LOT of Marlins errors i was not left disappointed.
I teared up slightly when Wright scored a two run home run at his first at bat. He looked much more comfortable this year. A great start to the season. Jason Bay impressed with a nice triple. Barajas and Pagan had a good game and Frenchy drew a walk!
The 7-1 victory has made my day. It was worth all the excitement and almost sleepless night. Johan had a stellar start and life is good!
I look forward to Wednesday. Lets hope Maine is stomach bug and excuse free and ready to go.
Its great to see Citi Field again, even only on my laptop screen. I’m pumped for the season and its great to be able to say the Mets are in first place! I may have to buy the new cream coloured jersey too. Love it.
Lets Go Mets!


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