6 days to go!

I’m pretty excited about opening day. I booked the evening off work and will be looking forward to sitting at home with my 4 pack and pizza with MLB.TV (i’m the opposite of “ladylike”)
I like many other Mets fan still have reservations about the team. I’m very concerned about the starters behind Johan. Nobody has had an outstanding ST (which is normal i guess) and the bullpen is still far from top notch. Who knows though… Everything could be fine. Its just hard to be totally positive when the Mets Stunk it up tonight.
K-Rod is looking good, and Murph has had a decent few days. I just hope his ankle issue from today is nothing.
Jose seemed great as far as running goes today which is a huge bonus.
My prediction based purely on ST (and hope) is that DW will go back to his true form and get the confidence back.
Overall I can’t wait. Bring on the Marlins!


3 thoughts on “6 days to go!

  1. I’ll be guzzling beer in the Pepsi Porch at Citi Field on Monday πŸ™‚
    At this point I just want regular season baseball to start, I’m sick of waiting.

    Enjoy your pizza and beer! πŸ™‚

    Let’s Go METS!

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