So far so good……

So far i’m really happy with how spring training is going. I know the games don’t mean a thing but its always lovely to see Ollie throw 4 no hitter innings, and pelf seems to be shaping up nicely too.
K-Rod looked fantastic, i think the goggles should stay!
The young guns are blasting too. I just hope they don’t get called up too soon and over exposed too early.
Davis and Mejia Particularly shine but i think they need to be sent down until the timing is right.
I’m counting down til opening day. Lets Go Mets!


4 thoughts on “So far so good……

  1. I’m not too worried about Murph just yet. Ask me in 4 weeks and i may have changed my mind dramatically! 🙂 A 1st baseman hitting .148 is pretty bad (understatement) but i’m hoping he will pick up from his slump.

  2. Sprint Training is typically misleading stat-wise. The guys that are guaranteed spots on the roster are just trying to stretch out and get loose for the season. The guys that think they may have a shot at making the roster are there only to try an impress.

    Murphy is better than his ridiculous haters keep spewing about. 12 HRs and 38 2Bs in a player’s rookie year really isn’t that bad. He also skipped AAA, which is what these same haters want to see happen to Thole, Mejia, and Davis. I’m not trying to put Murphy on the same level as Davis (who I see as our opening day 1B in 2011), I’m just pointing out that skipping AAA doesn’t help a guy unless he’s Pujols. Give the prospects time, and don’t equate doing well in spring training with ‘being ready for MLB’. And Ollie haveing 4 good innings in ST means as little as Johan having 4 bad innings in ST. I still don’t trust Ollie.

    • I agree. I think i will forever have the fear everytime Ollie starts. Its always nice to see “good Ollie” though.
      I totally get what you’re saying about Murph. I like the chap for numerous reasons but mainly for his determination. I think He will be alright and back on form soon.

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