Get well Jose Reyes.

As a person with an endocrine problem myself i want to wish Jose a speedy recovery. I sincerely hope that his Thyroid levels drop to normal sooner rather than later, and that he doesn’t miss too much of the season.

Once again there has been serious communication breakdowns concerning Jose’s health by the team which has lead to media speculation and rumours amongst fans with whether this is related to HGH use.

Radio personalities are throwing him under the bus already (Carton & Boomer) but what ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? I used to enjoy listening to Carton and Boomer but the outright allegation/fun making is almost offensive to people with endocrine problems. I’m not saying that everything about the story is crystal clear, there’s some extremely shady parts, but as a fan I’m going to root for Reyes and what’s best for the Mets and not buy into anything unless there’s some proof and not speculation.

Lets Go Mets! Get Better Jose!


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