So i just managed to buy some tickets using the pre-sale option for flushing flash subscribers. I was really hoping on tickets behind the Mets dugout but either they didn’t have seats for a single spectator or the place i was looking for had sold out.

Anyway i managed to get a ticket for behind the visitors dugout. The view looks amazing and i’m super excited. There’s one thing  bothering me slightly though….. In UK sport there’s very much a “Home and Away” divide in stadiums and Arena’s and now i’m slightly worried that i will be surrounded by Giant fans while i quietly much my peanuts, watching the game while wearing my Mets shirt.

I’m probably just stressing because i have a tendency to worry! In my last visit i did notice that there was fans scattered all over the stadium so thats reassuring. All is well though. I officially have a ticket to a game this season and that makes me a happy woman!


4 thoughts on “Tickets!

  1. Remember how large our country is, I doubt there will be that many Giants fans traveling to NY. Unless it’s against the Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox, or maybe a Washington DC team, you won’t find that many ‘away fans’ in the stadium, simply because of the distance to get there.

    And if you do get some away fans giving you trouble, there should be plenty of Mets fans around you to give it right back to them. Don’t worry and just enjoy the game. 🙂

  2. Yeah that was my general line of thinking. I just wasn’t sure if i was treading on any toes by being directly behind the visitors dugout. After googling a few pics i’m more excited than anything now. 🙂 Can’t wait!

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