Exciting exciting!

Today i booked the afternoon off work for the 7th March so i can buy my ticket to the game when i visit NY in May. Now i know its very unlikely that i would actually need to be there at my computer and order tickets at 10am (3pm my time) but last week i went to see Courtney Love in concert and tickets were sold out within 4 minutes so i still have trigger happy fingers when it comes to purchasing tickets.
Plus it will only add to the excitement of seeing my beloved mets!
I’m loving all the updates from spring training from various blogs and tweets. I really feel that baseball is here and despite all the hideous weather summer is just around the corner.
I have been a bit lazy with my blogging lately as i have been preoccupied with zine writing, a new university course and visiting the big smoke to witness Ms Courtney Love in all her glory, but now i’m pumped so hope to be blogging more often!
Lets go mets!


4 thoughts on “Exciting exciting!

  1. So jealous! I’ve just returned from New York, and the best I got was driving past Citi Field while my host (a Yankees fan) yelled ‘Mets suck!’ Then he took me to see the Knicks lose at basketball. The Mets will just have to wait until another time!

    Love the blog – it’s such a nice change to read optimism from a Mets blogger!

  2. Thanks very much! I’m watching the first spring game as i type. Baseball has arrived yay!
    I definitely recommend a trip to citi field its great. Sucks about the Knicks game, i haven’t been to a US basketball game before, it always looks like a great atmosphere.

  3. Having been to New York twice during the off-season, there’s no way I’m going back if cries of ‘play-ball’ are *not* reverberating around Citi Field and Yankee Stadium (so kill me, I need a team to support in the AL!)

    Basketball was tremendous – Madison Square Gardens has a great atmosphere and feels really cosy. Our seats were right at the back, but you can still see everything. I even liked the way the New Yorkers turned on the Knicks with two minutes to go – a chorus of boos and the place emptied faster than I could’ve believed!

  4. I recommend checking a night game out in late august, there’s all the heat and humidity but that adds to the experience! Citi Field looks great at night too.
    I really have to check out a game at MSG and seeing the giants take the ice would be cool too. If i ever go to NYC during baseball off-season thats exactly what i’ll do. You have just totally persuaded me! 🙂

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