As the season approaches….

I guess i’m like a lot of fans and have mixed feelings about how The Mets will fair.
This off season has been a bit of a roller-coaster with the whole Beltran saga, the JJ Putz story and then the other side and watching how great Jose Reyes is looking.
Its a strange feeling, obviously i want to see the Mets win and maybe if they all stay healthy and Beltran does stick to schedule and only be out for a few months (that i’m not so optimistic about) we can be a serious contended, yet there’s a part of me that still needs a bit of convincing.
I guess all will become clear in a few weeks. I really hope will be streaming some spring training games like last year. I’m craving baseball and warm weather!
I’m poised at the ready to buy tickets and if any mets fans reading this have experience of seats that are directly behind the Mets dugout give me a shout and let me know how the view is 🙂


2 thoughts on “As the season approaches….

  1. I think contending will come down to one question: how will our rotation do? If Ollie, Pelfrey and Maine all pitch poorly, we’re completely hosed. If even 2 of the 3 can pitch well, we’ve got a shot depending on the health of the offense. It’s extremely hard to judge all of this without seeing these guys actually playing in real games and pushing themselves. I’m very much looking forward to spring training.

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