The Beltran setback.

So i just woke up (it is 10am but i have the morning off work so had a little lie in..) and seen the news about Carlos Beltran’s surgery. It took my awhile to soak in all the blogs/tweets/press release/ forum posts and in the end i still think the whole thing is weird.

So he will be out for roughly 3 months, i’m sure a lot of fans are skeptical of this approximation based on last years injury ridden season. If however it appears that 3 months is accurate then i’d be happy with Pagan taking over the role for awhile.

I sincerely hope that Beltran has a speedy recovery and that this whole mess gets cleared up quickly.

Whether or not the surgery  gained blessing from the Mets i’m pretty certain that it will get spun to be OK by the organisation eventually.

With just a few weeks until spring training its not exactly a big team morale booster. Lets hope the rest of the team manage to stay mentally pumped and in the right place  for the coming months.

On a more positive note, i have arranged to visit NYC in May and should hopefully get to the Mets vs Giants games which i’m so excited about its unreal!

and on a more somber note, whatever happens in sport or travel, nothing compares to the harsh reality of what has happened in Haiti, my thoughts and prayers go to everyone there.


2 thoughts on “The Beltran setback.

  1. Hi, just discovered your blog – good to find another Mets fan based in the UK! I’ll be sure to keep reading.

    The Beltran situation seems pretty chaotic, which sadly seems par for the course with the Mets these days. Considering the horrible run of injuries the Mets had last season, I can kind of understand Beltran wanting to keep his health in his own hands, although it does seem quite bizarre. And it is probably best to get things resolved now, rather than encounter further problems later. However, it would be good to hear more positive news from the Mets camp!

  2. Hey steve! Great to hear from another UK fan. I agree on the Beltran score. I wish him well. These things tend to get mixed up and maybe it was all a bit over hyped. Either way it was a disappointment to see that 2010 could start as 09 finished. I’m over it though, it will be nice to see if Pagan can get it done. For now i will just get excited about my next trip to citi field (especially as it falls in the cheaper game category! score!)
    Checked your blog out, very cool!

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