My take on Murphy.

I love Daniel Murphy, i along with so many others was expecting good stuff from him in 09….. he didn’t exactly deliver everything i was expecting but then again none of the team did.
I can’t actually pin point what i like about him, but i just get a good vibe. I really hope he comes into his own next season and that in general the whole team are a lot more settled. I’m still learning about baseball stats so i won’t go punching in his numbers and using them as a reason to why i love him. I just think he has something about him.
I guess its likely that Delgado will be back next season so Daniel will probably spend more time on the bench. Maybe this will be a positive thing.
I don’t know how to explain it, theres just something that gets me pumped when i hear his at bat song.
I just hope i don’t end up eating my words!


2 thoughts on “My take on Murphy.

  1. Well, anyone that hates on him is forgetting the fact that Mr Murphy played only 95 games in AA and 1 game in AAA before getting his call-up in late 2008. His 2009 season really should have been spent in AAA to get more development time. With a healthy lineup around him in 2010 he very well could put up some pretty solid numbers. His 12 HRs and 38 doubles this season were encouraging, now he needs to get that OBP up there a bit.

    And I’m one of those that would rather not rely on Delgado’s hip.

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