Fast Forward to 2010!

So yesterday was the official welcoming press conference of Jason Bay. I’m pretty happy that he is a Met. Is it really a year ago since i was all excited about the Mets landing K-rod?!! Time flies.

I get the impression that Bay will be good for the team, he seems like a nice chap, and maybe he can be the boost the Mets need. After all look at the difference after Frenchy became a Met (OK not a vast difference but still entirely noticeable)

So now that the deal is done with Bay lets hope Omar can sort out some sort of pitching arrangement. Yesterday on WFAN he skirted around the pitcher situation, but i guess he’s hardly going to broadcast it to the nation and give away his game plan.

I’m actually really interested to see how Ollie will be in 2010, with his intensive training over summer hopefully he will be in shape both physically and mentally next season.

Generally I’m optimistic about 2010, mainly because i have only watched 2 full seasons so i haven’t yet fell into the pessimistic “realist” fan that i hear about often.

Hears to 2010! LGM


4 thoughts on “Fast Forward to 2010!

  1. Not realistic yet? Well, you’re a relatively new fan, so give it time. 🙂

    Welcome to the fanbase. It’s nice to read a perspective on my beloved team from a different country.

    We definitely need Ollie to be useful, but in my mind he’ll simply redefine the word ‘garbage’ this year. I hope I’m wrong…

  2. Haha I know what you mean. I get the fear every time he walks to the mound!
    I don’t have high expectations to be honest but i guess all will become clear in april.
    Thanks for the warm welcome x

  3. Great to have you as a Mets fan! We’re all glad you decided to root for the good guys. Just curious, what is the general feeling towards baseball in the UK? Or is there really no feeling at all since soccer(football) is king?

    In regards to your post, I too am excited about our new left fielder. Bay will definitely be the RBI machine he was in Boston and Pittsburgh, and with a healthy lineup we should be in the top 3 in run production in the National League. Here’s to no injuries in 2010!!!

    By the way I’m adding you to my blogroll over at

  4. Hey Jason
    You’re right Baseball isn’t that popular here, there is a league but its made up mainly of enthusiasts rather than athletes. Football and rugby are definitely the two main sports.
    Hehe I agree lets hope The Mets are less injury prone in 2010!
    Thanks for the blogroll add, i shall add you to mine (it took ages for me to figure out how to use blogroll!)

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