About Me and The Mets!

I’m an English woman with a passion for the New York Mets! This blog will hopefully allow me to document my opinions and experiences and hopefully help me learn a bit more about the game.

I first developed a passion for baseball as a kid after watching Field Of Dreams, i convinced my circle of friends to spend the summer playing ball on the local green, using our jumpers as bases and causing many injuries with wild pitches! During this time i didn’t follow particular team and just played for fun.

Over my teenage years my love for the game was replaced by general growth spurts yet i remained a tomboy in heart and mind.

It wasn’t until 2006 when i took my first visit to NYC with my Mum that got me thinking about the game. My trip had such a huge impact on me. I fell in love with New York from the moment we touched down.

It sounds silly now but my decision to read up on the Mets was purely based on 3 reasons:

1. They were from New York

2. I knew i really didn’t want to follow The Yankee’s

3. I liked the orange and blue colour scheme!

These all seem like pathetic reasons to start following a team, but alas in truth that is why i spent hours reading as much as i could about the Mets and refreshing my memory of how to play baseball as it had been over 15 years since i was “playing” as a kid.

In 2008 i started chatting to a New Yorker who also loved the Mets. She became my baseball tutor and taught me all the terminology and helped me form my own opinions through education. I purchased MLB.TV and watched every day game live and stayed up and watched the first few inning of night games. (Games don’t start until 12.10am here)

I went to my first game in May 2009. It was the time when most injuries of that season started to occur. Tim Reading was pitching against the Marlins and the Mets lost. Despite this i was elated. I was at citi-field with someone who i really cared about, and had travelled overseas independently and was so proud of myself. (and slightly buzzed from drinking bud light!)

In August i spent 2 weeks in Queens, I managed to get tickets for 2 other games. Bobby Parnell pitched both and lost both. Making me 0-3 in witnessing Met wins. I did however get to see them play rivals The Braves and Phillies. I also got to see Angel Pagan’s homerun that he didn’t hit out of the stadium. Again i was just happy to be at Citi-Field with great company, a few beers and the opportunity to blow a load of cash on Mets merch!

I remember walking through Times Sq and seeing the news ticker that Billy Wagner had been traded to the red sox, i remember being happy that i saw him play the night before, and that at least i got to witness him pitch an inning before he shipped off to Boston.

As the season came to an end in 2009 my love for the Mets continues to grow.

Lets Go Mets 2010!!


10 thoughts on “About Me and The Mets!

  1. Happy to know someone so far has the same love and passion for the team i live and die for every year, lets go mets!!! Ill be looking forward to reading more of your posts, god bless

  2. Awesome! It is always great to hear from international baseball fans! I am a Minnesota Twins fan first but since Johan Santana was traded to the Mets I started following his career there also. Great team and cool fans!

    BTW, Metsgrrl steered me towards your blog.

  3. Hi. Always good to read about another British baseball fan. I think most of us have fairly random reasons for picking our teams. I went for the A’s because I saw their green/gold caps when I started watching baseball back in 1998 and it was close enough to the yellow and green of Norwich City (my football/soccer team) to make me think, ‘they’re the team for me’!

    I look forward to reading your future posts.

  4. I stumbled across this blog accidentally and am not a fan of the Mets. I’m a Yankee fan but a lover of baseball in general. It makes me happy knowing baseball is catching on in places like Britain.

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