Wheeler UCL tear

looks like Zachary is facing Tommy John surgery. This kinda sucks, while I’m not doing a chicken little and think the season is over before its begun, it still is a bit of a blow. 

We still have pitching depth, young arms and a lot to be hopeful for. Yes we don’t have a lefty in the pen, or our number 2(ish) pitcher. But we have Harvey, Wright, Duda, Murph and Granderson. 

2015 should be a good for us Mets fans, and losing Wheeler cannot be an excuse from the front office. United we cheer.

Let’s Go Mets


I woke up to news that my favourite player disagrees with my “lifestyle” I was a little taken aback with such a bold and seeming unprofessional statement so early in the morning.

I have a Murphy poster in my dining room, in a house that I share with my partner, who happens to be another woman.

I do not expect everyone to approve of my relationship, but it’s certainly not a lifestyle. My mets fandom is far more obvious than my sexuality.

I was raised that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This public statement of opinion is bordering on John Rocker territory. When you get paid millions to play for perhaps the most diverse place in the world, keeping opinions away from the media might have been the way to go.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. My belief is there’s a time and a place, and this one wasn’t so hot. 

Never the less, I will continue to root for the Mets, for murph to succeed, and continue to bleed orange and blue! 

For all the gay closeted baseball fans like my younger self to know, it does get better! 

Congrats Murph

Seriously, this whole debate/snide comments were uncalled for from the start.
Daniel Murphy was looking out for his family! Ball player and family man. Seriously how can anybody have issue with that!?! It was 2 games in the embryonic stage of the season! Hardly the inconvenience of it being full term, penant race games.
This debate has shown who has class, and who doesn’t, and Murphy has class. He’s handle the whole issue well.
I’m shocked at Boomer I always liked him way more than Carton, and the on air apology helped. I could care less of whatever Francesa says. His comments hardly make him look like Dad of the year….but anyway back to Murph
Congrats to Daniel and Tori Murphy on the birth of their son Noah, future Met in the making.

Opening day 2014

Lets not pretend… I’m half cut like most met fans. I was a fan ready to celebrate another opening game when bobby came in with the lead,
just like the most…..until well I’m sure you know the rest!
Today the mets bullpen was shaky, not all but most. It’s almost out legacy. If it’s not Jason Bay it’s the bullpen.
YET I’m a believer, I rationale today’s shortcomings with the fact that maybe a losing opening day means a winning year. After all after one game, who really knows……
I’m sure I’ll repost in a couple of 20 weeks to either back this up or eat my words! Until then as always…
Lets Go Mets

RIP Ralph Kiner

The man was a legend, with his funny quotes, occasional innocent faux pas.
Above all he was a true HOFer, a gentleman and an amazing baseball player and broadcaster.
He was a credit to the Mets organisation and we will all dearly miss him.
Rest in peace Ralph.

Granderson to the Mets

So Curtis Granderson is staying in NY only now he’s a Met.
Is it the most mind blowing signing ever..no… But it’s a signing that needed to be done. He will help the OF and sell his name on a bunch of merch.
I was hoping he was gonna end up on the team, and even if it did cost 60 million over 4 years.
Welcome to Queens Curtis!


So Baxter, Carson, Burke and Henn are out.
Mike Baxter (thanks for that body slamming catch from the Whitestone native during Johan’s no-hitter) and Robert Carson were claimed off waivers and both heading to LA teams.
The Mets also removed Greg Burke and Sean Henn from the 40 man roster.
Now please make Jodanny Valdespin next.
More cuts are needed to protect a number of minor leaguers from the rule 5 pick and JV1 is the no brainer candidate.
It will be interesting to see how this will play out.

The Fan

The Mets have parted ways with WFAN radio, or rather they have parted ways with the Mets in favour of the Yankees.

It is definitely an end of an era, WFAN has always been my go-to station whenever i’m in the mood to listen to anything other than music. It’s gonna be strange not hearing the “Lets Go Mets F.A.N” jingle anymore as the Mets move to their yet to be announced new home on the airwaves.

I was genuinely gutted to hear that the two companies had parted ways, My first few months of a Mets fan was reliant on listening to the FAN when i was too poor to afford MLB.TV, and even with the subscription I’ve still found that on occasion i’d rather listen to Howie Rose call the game, and rather than see Citi Field, I can “hear” it. From almost every last cheer or boo. Don’t get me wrong, I more often than not watch Keith, Ron and Gary, but even still I will miss the Mets on WFAN.

I’ll be happier once we know who will now be airing Mets games, and then its just a case of finding an app that lets me listen on my phone during my long nightshifts!

Metsblog have a link to the audio montage by WFAN, you can check it out here. http://metsblog.com/metsblog/mets-end-of-season-montage-from-wfan-now-what/

On a side note I recommend Put it in the Book ┬áby Howie Rose, I’m currently reading it and it’s great.

Tommy John

Matt Harvey is having Tommy John surgery for his torn ulnar collateral ligament as reported by SNY.
This sucks, but was gonna happen at some time, I was just hoping we could get a season out of him before he went under the knife. 2014 is definitely gonna miss his spark but hopefully he will bounce back to his usual self by 2015.
Good Luck Harvey.

Let the trade rumours begin!

Now the Mets season has officially done the speculations of new additions to the team have begun be it trades or signings.
Most people know I’m a Daniel Murphy fan. Loved him from his first AB. I get that he could be decent trade bait, but I’d really like to see him on the team next year. I feel similar to Tim Lincecum, I know he has declined over the years but my nostalgic connection to him makes me want him as a met. Whoever is within the movers and shakers of next years roster all I’m hoping for is a winning season. We deserve it!